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List Of All Studies From 2007

I thought it might be beneficial to list all studies/devotionals that I have put in this blog, for those who want to be able to quickly find one again, or for those who may be perusing this blog and are wondering what is in it. I have put an * beside the studies that were a tremendous blessing or encouragement to me when studying them out. Any messages that I preached at the Gospel Mission have @ beside them. All links below will open in a separate window.

Click here for the List Of All Studies From 2006

Click here for the List Of All Studies From 2008/2009

Click here for the List Of All Studies From 2010

March 2007:

Comfort And Strength From Psalm 27 *@
Jacob's Fear Of The Lord *@
Isaiah's Fear Of The Lord @
The Hand And Arm Of God *@
Jesus Is Prophet, Priest And King
God Is Faithful *@
The God Of... *@

April 2007:

I Have Sinned - Part One
Like A Tree
Just A Little Sparrow (Poem and Testimony)
The Sons Of Korah
A Good Conscience *@
The Work Of Thy Hands @*
Thy Right Hand
Psalm 107 - Part One
Psalm 107 - Part Two
Psalms 42-43 *
All Our Tomorrows (Psalm 139:1-12) *@
The Lord Thinketh Upon Me (Psalm 139:13-18) *@
My Hiding Place (Psalm 32) *@

May 2007:

What's Your Net Worth? *@
Day One - Be Glad And Rejoice *@
Day Two - Bless The Lord (Kate Plourde) @
Day Three - Sevenfold Praise - Part One: Seven Ways To Praise God *@
Day Four - Five Things God Did For The Sinner (Kate Plourde)

June 2007:

Day Five - Sevenfold Praise - Part Two: Seven Reasons To Praise God *@
Day Six - The Nine Cares Of A Shepherd (by Kate)
Day Seven - Fourfold Picture Of Water From The Rock *@
Day Eight - The Lord's Eight Provisions (by Kate)
Day Nine - The Eight Rocks Of Scripture (by Kate)
Day Ten - Grace To Fret Not *@
Day Eleven - Paul's Final Exhortation To Timothy - Part One: The Preacher And His Preaching *@
Day Twelve - Seven Reasons God Wrote To Believers (by Kate)
Day Thirteen - Paul's Final Exhortation To Timothy - Part Two: The Preacher And His Living *
Day Fourteen - Five Ways God Is With Us (by Kate)
Day Fifteen - God Gives Perfect Rest (by Kate)
Day Sixteen - Paul's Final Exhortation To Timothy - Part Three: The Preacher And His Graduation *@
Day Seventeen - Eight Ways The Lord Gets Personal (by Kate)
Day Eighteen - Paul's Final Exhortation To Timothy - Part Four: The Preacher And His Victory @
Day Nineteen - I Am The Lord That... (by Kate)
Day Twenty - Eight Reasons David Loved The Lord *@
Day Twenty One - Five Peculiar People (by Kate)
Day Twenty Two - I Am Thine *@
Day Twenty Three - The Seven Comforters (by Kate)
Day Twenty Four - Is Your Name Written Down? @
Day Twenty Five - Seven Points Of Prayer (by Kate)

July 2007:

Day Twenty Six - Eight Daily Blessings *@
Day Twenty Seven - The Three In One Blessing (by Kate)
Day Twenty Eight - Eight Things God Requires Of Man @
Day Twenty Nine - Overcoming (by Kate)
Day Thirty - Gracious And Compassion Come In Threes (by Kate)
The Lord Is My Song @
Day Thirty One - The Threes Found In Psalm 1 (by Kate)
Day Thirty Two - Twelve People That God Blesses (by Kate)
Day Thirty Three - Jesus' I Am Statements - Part One
Day Thirty Four - The Armour Of God
Day Thirty Five - Jesus' I Am Statements - Part Two
Day Thirty Six - The Perfect Holy Spirit (by Kate)
Day Thirty Seven - The Seven Depictions Of Christ In Revelation (by Kate)
Day Thirty Eight - My Seven Most Used Passages
Day Thirty Nine - Ten Plagues (by Kate)
Day Forty - My Seven Favourite Verses *@
Day Forty One - Given By The Father To The Son *@
Day Forty Two - The Son Of God (by Kate)
Day Forty Three - Be Strong And Of A Good Courage *@
Day Forty Four - The Perfect Water Of Life (by Kate)

August 2007:

Day Forty Five - Laodicea, The Lukewarm Church @
Day Forty Six - The Gift Of God (by Kate)
Day Forty Seven - God's Perfect Grace (by Kate)
Genesis 15 - Thy Exceeding Great Reward
Day Forty Eight - Precious And Growing Faith *@
Day Forty Nine - He Is Their Help (by Kate)
Day Fifty - Happy Is The Man (by Kate)
Day Fifty One - Forgiven *@
Day Fifty Two - Fear And Wisdom (by Kate)
Day Fifty Three - Behold: A Fivefold Picture - Part One *@
Day Fifty Four - Jesus' I Am Statements - Part Three (by Kate)
Day Fifty Five - Behold: A Fivefold Picture - Part Two *@
Day Fifty Six - Be Ye Holy (by Kate)
Day Fifty Seven - Turning Bitter Waters To Sweet *@
Day Fifty Eight - Five-Fold Trust (by Kate)
Day Fifty Nine - The God Of Second Chances *@
Day Sixty - Three Steps To Christ In A Two-Fold Way (by Kate)

September 2007:

What Is His Name?

October 2007:

Our Walk In Ephesians - Part One (Our Walk Without Christ) *@

December 2007:

References To Genesis In The Book Of Job
Eye To Eye And Faith To Face *@
Have You Any Room For Jesus? *@
The Simplicity Of Salvation @
Blessed Contrasts In Scripture

Series TOC's:
(These studies are also listed above, in the order they were posted)

Song Of Solomon

Expositional Studies

60 Day Devotional Series: Numbers In The Bible

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Y'all have done an awesome job with these posts y'all have done. Y'all have put much study time and prayer into them and have brought out so much meat for us to chew on. Thank you for what y'all have done and for sharing it with us. Only Heaven will reveal the blessing y'all have been to me through these studies!!

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