Friday, May 25, 2007

Numbers In The Bible Series

I am so excited to announce that next week, my webpartner on, Kate Plourde, and I will be starting a 30-day (we extended it to 60 days) devotional series. We will be working together to bring you devotionals dealing with "Numbers in the Bible." These devotionals will be posted on both of our blogs, Buy The Truth and Maranatha, so you can catch them at either site. We'll be starting with sevens and eights, but not limiting ourselves just to those numbers because there is so much to glean from in this area! We're looking forward to working together on this and pray that you will join us over the next 60 days and receive a blessing!

This series will be posted each weekday (there will be thirty - now sixty - devotionals altogether in this series, so it it will actually take us more than a month to cover them all). Kate and I will be alternating the studies. We have decided to use one of my devotionals first, then one of hers. Each of us will add their own perspective to each new devotional posted. We want to have a good variety of devotionals to keep you interested, to pass on what has really blessed our hearts from various passages the Lord has impressed on our hearts, and to be a blessing to all those who read our blogs.

Kate has been posting her 30 day devotionals series throughout 2007, and I have been intrigued by the variety and insight in them. We have bounced ideas off of each other - sometimes taking and building upon what the other has written, interacting with one another and further developing newer studies - many times what one of us has written or posted has been the springboard for deeper digging into the Scriptures for the other, for being challenged on various themes or passages. We have been Admins together on a wonderful message board (The Fundamental Baptist Forum), been webpartners on our personal websites (though the content of each site is our own, we are united under one solid banner of, with another friend of ours, Angela Trenholm), and to an extent helped each other develop our own blogs, so I truly am looking forward to working together on this new project.

Please leave your comments and suggestions for further devotionals in this series, as we are still choosing which passages, etc. to cover over the course of the next month or so. We would love to hear your feedback, as well as what studies or portions of a study really spoke to you.

As a guy, I am a little impatient and cannot wait until next Monday to post the first in this new 60 day devotional series, so I am going to post that right away... But we will still have to wait for Tuesday for Kate's first devotional in this series. We hope you like learning about praising the Lord, because that is the theme of the first several devotionals that will be posted. See you next week!

Day One - Be Glad And Rejoice
Day Two - Bless The Lord (by Kate)
Day Three - Sevenfold Praise - Part One: Seven Ways To Praise God
Day Four - Five Things God Did For The Sinner (by Kate)
Day Five - Sevenfold Praise - Part Two: Seven Reasons To Praise God
Day Six - The Nine Cares Of A Shepherd (by Kate)
Day Seven - Fourfold Picture Of Water From The Rock
Day Eight - The Lord's Eight Provisions (by Kate)
Day Nine - The Eight Rocks Of Scripture (by Kate)
Day Ten - Grace To Fret Not
Day Eleven - Paul's Final Exhortation To Timothy - Part One: The Preacher And His Preaching
Day Twelve - Seven Reasons God Wrote To Believers (by Kate)
Day Thirteen - Paul's Final Exhortation To Timothy - Part Two: The Preacher And His Living
Day Fourteen - Five Ways God Is With Us (by Kate)
Day Fifteen - God Gives Perfect Rest (by Kate)
Day Sixteen - Paul's Final Exhortation To Timothy - Part Three: The Preacher And His Graduation
Day Seventeen - Eight Ways The Lord Gets Personal (by Kate)
Day Eighteen - Paul's Final Exhortation To Timothy - Part Four: The Preacher And His Victory
Day Nineteen - I Am The Lord That... (by Kate)
Day Twenty - Eight Reasons David Loved The Lord
Day Twenty One - Five Peculiar People (by Kate)
Day Twenty Two - I Am Thine
Day Twenty Three - The Seven Comforters (by Kate)
Day Twenty Four - Is Your Name Written Down?
Day Twenty Five - Seven Points Of Prayer (by Kate)
Day Twenty Six - Eight Daily Blessings
Day Twenty Seven - The Three In One Blessing (by Kate)
Day Twenty Eight - Eight Things God Requires Of Man
Day Twenty Nine - Overcoming (by Kate)
Day Thirty - Gracious And Compassion Come In Threes (by Kate)
Day Thirty One - The Threes Found In Psalm 1 (by Kate)
Day Thirty Two - Twelve People That God Blesses (by Kate)
Day Thirty Three - Jesus' I Am Statements - Part One
Day Thirty Four - The Armour Of God
Day Thirty Five - Jesus' I Am Statements - Part Two
Day Thirty Six - The Perfect Holy Spirit (by Kate)
Day Thirty Seven - The Seven Depictions Of Christ In Revelation (by Kate)
Day Thirty Eight - My Seven Most Used Passages
Day Thirty Nine - Ten Plagues (by Kate)
Day Forty - My Seven Favourite Verses
Day Forty One - Given By The Father To The Son
Day Forty Two - The Son Of God (by Kate)
Day Forty Three - Be Strong And Of A Good Courage
Day Forty Four - The Perfect Water Of Life (by Kate)
Day Forty Five - Laodicea, The Lukewarm Church
Day Forty Six - The Gift Of God (by Kate)
Day Forty Seven - God's Perfect Grace (by Kate)
Day Forty Eight - Precious And Growing Faith
Day Forty Nine - He Is Their Help (by Kate)
Day Fifty - Happy Is The Man (by Kate)
Day Fifty One - Forgiven
Day Fifty Two - Fear And Wisdom (by Kate)
Day Fifty Three - Behold: A Fivefold Picture - Part One
Day Fifty Four - Jesus' I Am Statements - Part Three (by Kate)
Day Fifty Five - Behold: A Fivefold Picture - Part Two
Day Fifty Six - Be Ye Holy (by Kate)
Day Fifty Seven - Turning Bitter Waters To Sweet
Day Fifty Eight - Five-Fold Trust (by Kate)
Day Fifty Nine - The God Of Second Chances
Day Sixty - Three Steps To Christ In A Two-Fold Way (by Kate)


Julie's Jewels said...

Amen!!! I'm looking forward to these posts you two will be putting up. Sis. Kate has done some wonderful devotionals that have really taught me and dealt with me in areas that I wasn't learned in. I thank God for you two and for the wisdom God chooses to share with us through you both. You're such a blessing Bro. Jerry and I pray for you daily and for the work God has you involved in.

Jerry Bouey said...

That was fast, Sis Julie! You must have visited my blog right after I posted.

I am really excited about this series, for several reasons:

1) like your own blog, Sis Kate also posts fairly regularly, and I am always exhorted and blessed by what is posted - so I am looking forward to working together with her, as well as possibly generating more interest in solid IFB blogs on the Internet.

2) I never seem to have the continued drive to write studies/devotionals out on a regular basis. Yes, I am definitely preaching more at the Gospel Mission (went from 4-5 times a week, to between 5-10 when I become Supervisor in April - something I haven't posted in my blog about as it came together so fast, but the Lord sure opened a wonderful door for ministry there!), and therefore have to develop more outlines - but it is sometimes difficult to keep the focus to also write out those studies for others to read. This project will give me a bit of needed discipline in that area. Though only having to write every other one in this series (therefore about 2-3 a week) will make it a bit easier on me. Plus I have a few older devotionals that I have already written that I can post in this series (I may need to adapt them slightly, but that is easy to do).

Thank you, Sis Julie, for your prayers and encouragement - for being faithful to visit my blog, even when I am not faithful to post. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

Maranatha said...

I am so excited about doing this new series with you, Brother Jerry!!! I'm looking forward to the blessings which will come from this topic. Numbers in the Bible are my passion and I know that I will probably be whoopin' and hollerin' loud enough to be heard in Canada :-) God bless!

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