Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Song Of Solomon Series

Table Of Contents:

Draw Me And We Will Run After Thee - 1:4 - The Lord must draw us to Himself first - both for salvation and for fellowship.

Beside The Shepherds' Tents - 1:7-8 - Do you fellowship where God's flock gathers, and is your shepherd one after God's own heart?

Lessons In The Valleys: The Lily Of The Valleys - 2:1-2 - Jesus is with us in all the valleys of life.

Of How Much More Value Are We? - 2:1-2, 16 - How much does God value His children?

Shadows And Wings - 2:3 - What does it mean to live under God's shadow, under the shelter of His wings?

His Banner Over Me Was Love - 2:4 - What banner are you rallying under?

How Much Do You Value God's Word? - 2:8-10 - Is hearing God's voice important to you?

Arise, And Come Away - 2:13-17 - The Lord is calling you away from the hustle and bustle of this world to have fellowship with Him.

The Shadows Flee Away - 2:17 and 4:6 - A look at the theme of God being our light and the darkness passing away.

Wrestling Until The Day Break - 2:17 and 4:6 - What are we wrestling against, and how long will this wrestling go on?

A Well Of Living Waters - 4:12, 15 - Is living water flowing out from you to others?

List of my other Studies or Poems based on passages from the Song of Solomon, but not posted in this blog:


Is Your Armour On? - 5:1-6:3 - Are you neglecting part of your armour, and how will that affect your daily walk and fellowship with the Lord?


The Shadows Flee Away - One day the trials will be over.

The Valleys Of Life - The various trials we go through as believers.

He Gathers His Lilies - When the Lord takes His children home.

The Valley Of Faith - Oh the savour of His name!

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