Monday, July 17, 2006

My New Blog - Songs In The Night

I just wanted to give everyone an invitation to my new Blog: Songs In The Night.

It looks like a good avenue to be able to post sound poetry and hymns/songs. I do have my own personal poetry site (Home Of The Real McCoy), and one of my webpartners has a section on her family site where we keep poems by others (Trenholms Of Kelowna) - but there is never enough time to make new pages for these two parts of EarnestlyContending (plus so many of the free graphics sites keep disappearing - so it is hard to always find an appropriate background).

This new website gives me an opportunity to share poems with others on a regular basis, without having to send them out on a mailing list or make pages for them. Lord willing, I hope to post a new one each day - whether by myself or others - including sometimes little notes as to where the poems came from, how they influenced me, etc. After I have posted a bunch, I will also make up a Table Of Contents page where I can list them alphabetically, for those who later want to look for a particular one. When one of the poems I send out also has a page on our site, I will link the title to the appropriate page, so you can also view it with graphics and sometimes music.

I hope it is a blessing to you. Feel free to email me any of your favourite poems (with author's name, if possible), and I will use some of them as time goes on.

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