Friday, July 14, 2006

EarnestlyContending Is Back Up And Running

Praise the Lord! My websites are back up and running! If you have tried some of my links in my posts (whether to my poetry site or my Bible study site especially) and they didn't work for you - now you will find they are working just fine.

For various reasons we had to switch servers several weeks ago, and we were missing certain registration information. We were going to wait until this coming up Monday and then buy a different domain name, if we couldn't obtain this info by then. We were not looking forward to losing any of our readership base (because we had no way to redirect from the old site), but I was determined to trust the Lord with this.

If you have not visited any of my sites (and my webparters' sites) or if it has been a while, please stop by and check them out. You might like what you find there.

Our Domain name (with all its subdomains) is:
EarnestlyContending - on each homepage you will find a link to all the subdomains in the left menu bar.

On EC (which is an Independant Fundamental Baptist site which stands on the King James Bible), you will find all the following sites, plus more:

My Bible Study site: Eagle's Wings Ministries
My Christian Poetry site: Home Of The Real McCoy
Angela Trenholms' Family site: Trenholms Of Kelowna
Angela's Free Computer Background Website (you have to check this one out!): Looking Unto Jesus
Kate Plourde's site: Maranatha
(Kate has also just started her own blog too: Maranatha)

There is so much more to be found on EC (accessible from the main page) - such as an IFB Ladies message board, SwordSearcher modules for download, the 1744 French Martin Bible (TR-based) with search features, and one of my favourite projects:

The Psalms Of David In Metre/Psalms Of Isaac Watts

This is your official invitation that we are back up and running, so please stop by for a visit or a sojourn.

A happy and contented,
Jerry Bouey

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Sis. Julie said...

I have gone to your site and it is great. I've saved it to my Sites I Like To Visit links. You're a blessing Bro. Jerry. Keep up the great work that God has you doing.

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