Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog Feed Links Added

To make this site (and my other blogs) better, I have added links on the sidebar for Blog feeds. Some blog readers can use the main url of a blog for their reader, while others need the specific RSS feed. I really appreciate the new feature that Blogger has added, entitled Following (a blog). If you have a Blogger account, you can submit the url of your favourite blogs, and whenever you visit your Dashboard, you will see what has been added recently to those sites. Click to view them in Google Reader, and you will see them as individual entries, with the ones you haven't read bolded (this is especially helpful for those blogs that add new content frequently). From Google Reader you can also go to the actual blog entry page to view any comments there might be on that post. I find this more practical than Feedblitz, which I am using for most of my blogs - but the way that one works is they send you an email at the end of the day with any new posts from the blogs (or even websites you have submitted). If you have a lot of blogs added, that is oooonnneee long email! (I think you might be able to have each blogs posts sent in a separate email, which would work better for me, and then I can delete each entry as I read them, but I would have to check into that to make sure.)

For those who like the idea of Following their favourite blogs (or even ones they are perhaps checking out), but want to make their visits there anonymous, Google gives you that option. This is a helpful option, as there may be some blogs you are not as familiar with and are unsure whether you really want to link to them (and people will be able to see the blogs you are following publicly). You don't want to be guilty of leading someone to what may potentially be an unsound website. While you cannot control who chooses to Follow you, you can select which ones to display on your blog as Followers (so you would technically only be endorsing or allowing those particular ones). I would encourage you to visit and skim through the sites of your visitors that add themselves as Followers, so as to be aware of their general content or beliefs.

I have also added feed for the comments that are posted on my sites. If you are like me, you like to read the posts of your favourite sites, as well as to read and interact with the comments. However, when some favourites have many posts, you will miss any comments added to older posts. But with the "Comments Feed" you can see all the most recent ones (I think it automatically gives you the last 25). You can put your mouse over the link to read what post they were commenting on, as well as click on the link to visit that page.

Just another feature to make this blog better. I am not into all the nifty whistles and gadgets out there, but this one is pretty useful.

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