Thursday, June 01, 2006

Father's Day Poem

I was asked to write a Father's Day poem for one of the Sunday School classes in my church. I do not have a family so I tried to imagine what a child would say in regards to their Daddy. I deliberately tried to avoid a specific sex in regards to the child, so the teachers could use the poem for all their children. Feel free to give me your input/critique.

Slow Down, Daddy!

"Slow down, Daddy, I just can't run that fast!"
The little voice calls out to you, as you walk on past.
"Wait for me, Daddy, I'm trying hard to follow you..."
Walking closely in your footsteps - where are you leading to?

"Hey Daddy, hey Daddy, come take a look at me!"
The call goes on unheeded; too caught up in your thoughts to see.
"Come over here, Daddy, can you stop a minute and play?"
The little voice laughs aloud, but you are distracted by your day.

"Oh Daddy, guess what we learned in class today.
Jesus loves me, this I know. And then we knelt to pray...
Tell me Bible stories about Jesus - I really love those parts...
I got saved today, Daddy, Jesus now lives in my heart!"

"I love you, Daddy, I thought of you all day long...
We had so much fun - but I miss you when you're gone.
Good night, Daddy, it's been a long, long, day.
I'm so sleepy, Daddy, but I love it when you pray."

"Come play with me, Daddy," the words echo in your ear,
As you gaze upon your sleeping child, the one you love so dear.
"It's been so long, Daddy, I was waiting for you to come home to me."
And you vow to be there tomorrow, to be the Daddy you need to be.

For Father's Day
May 30th/06
Jerry Bouey


Even So... said...

Hey, I think I've seen that before!

Keep up the good work, brother.

Jerry Bouey said...

Hey, I think I've seen that before!

;) Thanks, brother, for your advanced critique before I posted it. Everyone that read it so far seems to like it. Though I will probably have to wait until Sunday to see if the woman that asked me to put a poem together for her Sunday School class is satisfied with it. We had some revival meetings this week, and I gave it to her Tuesday, and she wasn't there Wednesday to get back to me on it. She missed out! Wednesday was the best message out of them all! (In my opinion.)

Anonymous said...

The poem has so much truth. Daddy's are so busy, but aren't we all. I really enjoyed it.

My only comment would be on "Jesus now lives in my heart". This could be confusing to a child, maybe not. I'm no theology expert. Perhaps, "Jesus cleansed my sinful heart"

Jerry Bouey said...

My only comment would be on "Jesus now lives in my heart". This could be confusing to a child, maybe not. I'm no theology expert.

I was just thinking along the lines of what children think. So often people say, "Ask Jesus to come into your heart" and I have heard children use that terminology. But I wanted to be Biblical - we are not saved by asking Jesus into our hearts, but by believing in our hearts that He is the Saviour, and turning to Him for forgiveness of sins. Though, it is true that Christ dwells IN the hearts of believers:

Ephesians 3:17 That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love,

Thanks for your input.

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